Intro to the Peace Emergency Team

This post is also available in: Arabic

This is the webpage of the Peace Emergency Team. Our volunteers live and serve in the Shuafat Refugee Camp – a Palestinian refugee camp in the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Times of Israel profile [here].

This team provides services to more than 80,000 people living in poor and marginalized areas. We provide first aid services and evacuate residents in emergencies. Keep in mind that the area served, which lies in Jerusalem behind the separation wall, is in a constant state of emergency due to overpopulation. There are no fire station or ambulance services to that area; therefore our team aims to provide the most basic of services in order to help the residents.

We run an active Facebook page in Arabic.

The team was created three years ago on May 1st, 2013, by a group of 20 administrative members who had completed training courses in management. Several other members with experience in first aid joined, and later we added volunteers with basic training in search and rescue.

Administrative staff members:

  • Baha Nababta – Team Head –> Deceased 2 May 2016
  • Munzer Najjar – Emergency Unit
  • Ibrahim Basti – First Aid Unit
  • Ahmad Shehade – Firefighting and Rescue Unit
  • Ibrahim Abu Snene and Nada Abu Afife – Information Unit
  • Dina Abu Hadwan and Ismail Al-Khatib – Media Unit

In addition to others, including 20 administrative staff and 60 volunteers from scouts in the area.

***Soon there will be a donation link so that you can send money directly. We are in desperate need of medical supplies – this is a grassroots, entirely volunteer effort, serving an essential role in a poor and isolated community. If you have ideas or questions, please send a message to the Facebook page admin.**


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